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Parc Riviera Condo a new project near Jurong Lake District is excited to know that:

Urban Redevelopment Authority or URA is initiating a new project called: Project Bus Stop in Jurong Lake District Design and Function Project Bus Stop is a Corporate Social Responsibility project initiated by DP Architects (DPA).

This began as part of a larger initiative, Project Blind Spot, where DPA was examining ways to redesign commonplace places and re-imagine the way people interact with them. The bus stop emerged as one possible area to test new ideas and add value to this everyday public realm and space to create various fun and enjoyable experiences for the community.

In re-thinking the transport system as part of the larger social infrastructure, a typical bus stop in the Jurong Lake District has been re-designed to incorporate greenery, interactive smart boards, a swing, bicycle parking and a phone charging station, to improve the otherwise run-of-the mill experience of waiting for the bus.

Coordinated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, this experimental project allows the trial application of design elements to a real setting and showcases how bus stops can be re-imagined as social spaces. The experiences of Project Bus Stop gathered from the public will provide a better understanding of commuters’ response to the design and features available.

Project Bus Stop in Jurong Lake District which Parc Riviera Condo is nearby will have the following features:

  1. Greenery: The National Parks Board was involved in the planning and design stage of the bus stop. A new generation of bus shelters clad with trellis plantings, a green roof and a tree within the bus shelter had been envisioned.
  1. Smart Boards and Mobile Phone Charging Station: IDA is championing the ICT infrastructure of Project Bus Stop. These include components and features such as free WiFi, smart boards and mobile phone charging station.
  1. Inclusivity: The Land Transport Authority is increasingly designing and building our land transport nodes to be more inclusive in catering to the diverse needs of our commuters.
    Taking into consideration the growing needs of the seniors, armrests have been installed at the seats to offer them more support to get up from their seats.Ample waiting space has also been catered to allow more room for persons using mobility aids to manoeuvre the bus stop. The information panels feature larger font sizes and built-in lighting, which enhances its readability at night.The additional bicycle parking facilities provide commuters with the option of cycling to the bus stop and ride the bus. Commuters also need not worry about flat batteries while they are on the go as they can conveniently charge their phones for free while waiting for their ride.

Source URA 18th Aug 2016