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Forestwood Residences Floor Plans

Base on this developer past projects the Forestwood Residences Floor Plans might look like the following projects:

  1. Hedges Park
  2. Inflora
  3. Edelweiss

I expect they (The developer) will not change much on the floor plans layout for Forestwood Residences Floor Plans, reason is that they need to make sure that they can have good results in selling this project.

So in order to do that, they must make sure their cost is as low as possible. For their cost to be as low as possible the plans for Forestwood Residences Floor Plans so be able to be approved by the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

Therefore base on my observations, the above floor plans layout should be similar to Forestwood Residences. For those not sure where is Forestwood Residences, it is located at Lorong Lew Lian off Upper Serangoon Road